Blu-ray Breakdown: April 30, 2013

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This week has a good mixture of new releases including one of the last Oscar darlings to be released on disc but also some exciting catalog titles across several genres.  For me personally, not just as a Blu-ray enthusiast, I’m ecstatic about the release Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Three.  Also being released is Barbara Streisand’s newest film along with a classic, Mark Wahlberg’s newest to coincide with Pain & Gain, and an earlier Baz Luhrman film leading up to the release of The Great Gatsby.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg however- there’s quite a few more catalog titles being released as well.

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Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the Week: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Three.  TNG is my favorite television show of all time and TNG’s third season is possibly my favorite season of that great show.  Season three and four are neck and neck so 2013 is a very exciting year because we’re hopefully going to see the release of arguably TNG’s best two seasons.  As with the first and second seasons TNG has been completely remastered in high definition from the original film elements and looks simply stunning.  Not only does season three contain one of the best cliffhangers in television history (The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1) there’s plenty of other fantastic episodes (26 total) including The Enemy, The Defector, Déjà Q, Yesterday’s Enterprise, The Offspring, and Sins of the Father just to name a few.  As usual there are also several brand new special features including newly filmed documentaries, brand new commentaries on select episodes, episode promos, and much more.  This is a must have Blu-ray if you call yourself any kind of Star Trek fan.

This week’s releases:

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