Blu-ray Breakdown: March 26, 2013

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Last week featured a decent amount of 2012′s biggest award contenders; this week there’s only one big award film, but it’s one of the bigger films and not just because of the hat involved.  Other new releases include a Brad Pitt disappointment, a film featuring a two stars who both look like they’ve had too much plastic surgery, and a horror sequel that no one seemed to be asking for.  The list of catalog titles being released is almost as long as my arm; a relatively unpopular Star Trek series, some prehistoric releases, a couple cult classic horror titles, a baseball favorite, a plethora of cheap Miramax films, and a dump truck full of even cheaper double features (some good, many bad).

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Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the Week: Lincoln wasn’t my favorite film by a long shot of 2012 but it’s still a very well produced story of Abraham Lincoln’s life with numerous worthwhile performances.  My biggest complaint was that some of the dialogue came off as academic in the sense that I felt like I was watching the most elaborate and well produced History Channel educational program ever made.  Does that feeling hinder my enjoyment of Lincoln?  A bit, but not enough not to recommend it.  There are two Blu-ray editions; one is a Blu-ray/DVD combo with just a few special features, the other is four disc combo pack that includes a Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy, and over an hour of documentaries and featurettes.


Other New Releases:

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Throw Your Money Away Instead of Buying… the Hollywood Homicide / Hudson Hawk (Double Feature).  I can’t really think of anything worse than having to watch these to stinkers back to back.  Truth be told I’m not even sure how they came to package them together; they don’t have much in common aside from them being complete disasters for both of their stars.  Hudson Hawk isn’t nearly as bad as Hollywood Homicide but I couldn’t recommend watching one of them far less both.






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