Blu-ray Breakdown: March 12, 2013

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A little bit of everything is being released this week on Blu-ray. On the new release front there’s a fantastic sea bound adventure, a cinematic biopic, an abstract circus act, and holiday superheroes. The catalog releases are worthwhile as well with a Ron Howard fantasy, more Disney animated titles, a slew of Warner Bros/Paramount double features, and a live action-animated classic.

Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the Week: Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my favorite kids movies and a film that I still think really holds up well twenty-five years after its original release.  It’s also the kind of film that I don’t think would get made by Disney today or at least it wouldn’t be as edgy.  Special features include an audio commentary with director Robert Zemeckis (and crew), assorted documentaries, deleted scenes, alternate footage, and best of all the three Roger Rabbit shorts that were presented theatrically before assorted Disney features that have also been remastered in HD.



Other New Releases:

Theatrical Review(s): Hitchcock

Throw Your Money Away Instead of Buying… this week is a tie  between Losers & Jonah Hex Double Feature.  These two 2010 stinkers have a combined runtime of 178 minutes as a double feature.  That’s nearly three hours of almost unbearable awfulness I can’t even imagine especially if you’re watching Jonah Hex.  I love a B-movie more than anyone but these aren’t even fun to watch… they’re just bad.





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