Blu-ray Breakdown: October 16, 2012

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Last week was filled with great new and catalog Blu-ray releases including Prometheus (3D), ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, and Dial M for Murder 3D.  This week isn’t quite as strong, but there are still some noteworthy releases including Wes Anderson’s newest film, the highest grossing film of all time finally gets a wide 3D release, a new season of AMC’s highly rated ad drama, and some classic animation.  Unfortunately it’s not all good news; Adam Sandler’s latest cinematic abortion is also being unleashed which should be avoided at all costs.

Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the Week: Moonrise Kingdom isn’t my favorite Wes Anderson film, but it ranks in the top 3.  Beautifully shot in 16MM with a wonderfully quirky cast this endearing coming of age story is masterfully told.  Sadly Moonrise Kingdom arrives on Blu-ray with very few special features aside from three short featurettes, though the video and audio is top notch.  Moonrise Kingdom is a great film that is well presented on Blu-ray, but if you’re looking for extras you may have to wait until the eventual Criterion Collection double dip.



Other New Releases:

Theatrical Review(s): Moonrise Kingdom

Throw Your Money Away Instead of Buying… That’s My Boy.  There are bad movies, and then there are BAD movies.  That’s My Boy starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg definitely falls into the latter category, and is my front runner to be named my worst film of 2012.  D-list co-stars including Vanilla Ice, Todd Bridges, and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan only make things worse.  Susan Sarandon and James Caan show up as well to mark all new career lows for the pair.




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