The Blu-ray Breakdown: August 7, 2012

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After a slow release schedule last week the Blu-ray release schedule this week is packed.  On the new release front the newest animated  Dr. Seuss hits disc this week in two and three dimensions while Cinemax’s first one hour drama and NBC’s grim hit series also find their onto store shelves.  This week again belongs to the catalog releases with two John Cusack romantic favorites finally getting a decent home video release in addition to an 80′s babysitting adventure and a board game cult classic.  If none of that suits you there’s always a classic western, the lesbian heist flick, or the well timed Whitney Houston cash in to satisfy your Blu-ray needs.

Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the Week: High Fidelity-  One of my favorite films of the past 15 years finally comes to Blu-ray.  I long ago parted ways with my non-anamorphic standard definition DVD and there have been some times when I’ve come close to re-buying it but I knew full well this day would finally come.  High Fidelity is a great romantic comedy that guys will enjoy possibly even more than woman will.  As someone that has recently made the transition from their twenties to their thirties High Fidelity speaks even louder too me now than when I saw it the first time in my late teens.  High Fidelity won’t blow you away visually, aurally, or with it re-hashed twelve year old special features but the film itself is downright a winner anyway you slice it.


Other New Releases:

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Throw Your Money Away Instead of Buying… Blues Brothers 2000-  It’s only beating Jaws to Blu-ray by one week but why in the hell is Blues Brothers 2000 getting a release before so many other good movies.  I’m not the world’s biggest Blues Brothers fan but even I know this is an offensive cinematic failure that should be forgotten to Wal-Mart bargain bins.  RIP  John Belushi, at least your brother was too busy to star in this dreck.





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Nicholas Herum