The Blu-ray Breakdown: July 31, 2012

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There are slow weeks and then there are SLOW weeks and this is definitely the latter.  Essentially there are no new releases of interest aside from an A&E miniseries and a Miley Cyrus bomb.  There are a few scattered catalog titles being released including an obligatory reissue, a decent teen horror flick, two very obscure 80′s films, and several films starring a blond bombshell that might interest the 50 and older crowd.

Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the Week: Total Recall (Mind-Bending Edition)-  Studio double dips and cash-in reissues usually ruffle my feathers but in the case of Total Recall I’m willing to make an exception.  The ‘Mind-Bending Edition’ (terrible title by the way) features a new transfer that is approved by director Paul Verhoeven.  The 2006 Blu-ray left a lot to be desired with regard to its transfer and audio specs which have both been overhauled.  That release was also devoid of any special features; that too has been corrected with inclusion of a commentary with Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger, several documentaries and featurettes, a photo gallery, trailers, and a restoration comparison.  ”Get your ass to Mars” indeed.

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Other New Releases:

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Throw Your Money Away Instead of Buying… LOL-  After being dumped almost completely from Lionsgate’s release schedule the Miley Cyrus-Demi Moore mess finally hits Blu-ray with a gigantic thud.  Strangely enough LOL did receive a semi normal release in Germany, Norway, and Singapore where it made millions of dollars as opposed to the United States where it opened with a paltry $46K.

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Nicholas Herum