The Blu-ray Breakdown: July 17, 2012

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Last weeks trend continues as Warner Bros. releases even more catalog titles from the 60s all the way through the 2000s.  There’s a fare share of new releases as well but nothing to write home about.  Lockout gets the unrated treatment that I predicted back in April, Mel Gibson’s direct-to-video ‘epic’ finally sees the light of day, and Will Farrell’s Spanish language bomb crosses the home market border to find a better life.

Nick’s Blu-ray Pick of the WeekHard to Kill-  I know what you’re thinking I’m out of my mind picking a Steven Seagal movie for my pick of the week but I do have a soft spot for his late 80′s/early 90′s body of work.  Detective Storm Mason is put into a coma after the mob puts out a hit on his family.  He awakens seven years later and decides to get even and in the process shows that he’s… Hard to Kill.  As you might imagine Hard to Kill is a very silly action film but it does have a couple things going for it; a. Seagal has an amazing ‘coma beard’ b. Kelly LeBrock is the love interest (the computer girl from Weird Science) and c. it has one of the most underrated one liners of all time.

Not surprisingly, Hard to Kill doesn’t come with anything new with regard to special features but again it does have one of the greatest one liners in action movie history so it all evens out right?

Other New Releases:

Theatrical Review(s):  Lockout

Throw Your Money Away Instead of Buying…  The Three Stooges- The Farrelly Brother’s crap all over the memory of the Stooges in this offensively bad piece of garbage.







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