Entering the Netflix Stream: June 2012

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For June Netflix has added a decent assortment of new and catalog releases to its streaming lineup.  Several critically acclaimed films from 2011 have entered the stream in addition to several worthwhile coming of age comedies, several horror films of varying quality, and some films I can only qualify as “so bad they’re good.”  Lastly, a few other fan favorites have made their way back to the Netflix Streaming after briefly disappearing most likely due to contract negotiations.

New Releases

Drive-  One of the most critically acclaimed films of 2011 had solid disc sales and is one of the better releases to hit Netflix’s streaming service in a long time.  Read my review HERE.
Thor-  Joining Iron Man 2, now two of the five Avenger films are available on Netflix.  Read my review HERE.
The Rum Diary-  Not nearly as entertaining or well thought out (don’t laugh) as Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas.  Johnny Depp’s performance is decent but the movie feels woefully incomplete.  Read my review HERE.
Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie-  Based on a weird TV show with 11 minute episodes with a decent cult following got its own movie that didn’t exactly make a splash financially or critically.  Surprisingly the joke got a bit old when it goes on for 94 minutes but it does have some amusing moments and has some bizarre cameos from the like of Jeff Goldblum, Zach Galifianakis, Will Farrell, John C. Reilly, Will Forte, Robert Loggia, and William Atherton (“Dickless” from Ghostbusters).

Coming of Age Comedies

Outside Providence-  One of the first film’s produced by the Farrelly Brothers after the release of There’s Something About Mary.  It’s not a high art by any means but it has some genuinely funny moments and a decent performances by Shawn Hatosy (Southland), Amy Smart (Crank), and Alec Baldwin.
Adventureland-  One of the few films that I think Kristen Stewart is tolerable in.  Jesse Eisenberg stars in one of his first starring roles before setting Hollywood on fire in Zombieland and The Social Network.  The film’s biggest pitfall is the out of time performance of lackluster extraordinaire Ryan Reynolds who inappropriately brings all of his 90-2000′s “charm” to a film set in 1987.


The Faculty-  Robert Rodriguez directs his teenage version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers starring Josh Hartnett, Jordana Brewster, and Elijah Wood.  It’s not the most original movie ever made going as far as to make fun of the fact that this is essentially the same plot of Body Snatchers but it’s entertaining and has a good nudie scene.
Laura Harris - The Faculty_3.jpg
Friday the 13th 3, 4, 6, and 8-  Several of the assorted Friday the 13th films have been available to stream since April but now the series is
Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers & Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland-  It’s exactly what it sounds like… teens at camp being murdered.
Halloween Resurrection-  I barely remember anything about this film but I’m pretty sure Busta Rhymes dies and if you’ve ever seen him act you know he deserves it.

So Bad It’s Good

Teaching Ms. Tingle-  Dull actress Katie Holmes vs. Helen Mirren in a crappy movie?  Originally named Killing Ms. Tingle until the Columbine incident and then the studio did the honorable thing and tastefully renamed a film about killing a bitchy teacher.
Wild Wild West-  What can be said about this film that can’t be summed up by the music video.

First Knight-  Richard Gere plays Lancelot… that’s right King Arthur’s Round Table.  To say the least Richard Gere’s accent is just as impressive as it was in The Jackal.
Cutthroat Island-  Remember when Renny Harlin was trying to sell Geena Davis as the action star of the future?
Chain Reaction-  Keanu Reeves’ inadvertently discovers a new force of energy that a secret government agency that will stop at nothing to claim it for themselves.
Baby Boy-  This is the only film I’ve ever seen where Ving Rhames does the ‘chicken hop’ while having sex with a lady. As an added bonus Tyrese Gibson rides around LA on a little kid’s bicycle.

More Recently Added Films: Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Rounders, Rocky I-V.

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