Django Unchained Trailer (Finally) Released

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It has nearly been twenty years since Quentin Tarantino burst onto the scene with Reservoir Dogs and in its wake he’s released some of the most talked about and endearing film’s in American cinema.  Django Unchained combines seemingly combines the western genre with the sadly almost forgotten blaxploitation films of the 1970s.  Jamie Foxx is not usually one of my favorite actors but in recent years he’s been surprisingly good and as long as he doesn’t do another Breakin’ All the Rules I think he’ll be OK.  Also joining the cast is Leonardo DiCaprio, Inglorious Basterds‘ Christoph Waltz, and in one of the most bizarrely genius moves in recent years Don Johnson (yeah, the one from Miami Vice).

I can’t wait for Django Unchained to be released firstly because it looks like a hell of a lot of fun and secondly because bloaxploitation is one of my favorite genres of film and it is sorely underrepresented on ‘video’ due to its perceived racial insensitivity.  I know its not everyone’s cup of tea but a lot these films have never seen the light of day on home video and I’m not talking about Shaft or Coffy.  Have you ever seen The Legend of Nigger Charley or Blackenstein on videocassette or DVD?  Perhaps Django Unchained will drive up an interest in getting more of these forgotten films on disc.

Written by

Nicholas Herum