Transformers: Generation 1 Available on Nexflix Streaming

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The original Transformers cartoon, commonly referred to as Transformers G1 has finally come to Netflix Streaming.  All 98 episodes from all four seasons that ran from 1984-88 are available.  Episodes are listed as being available in HD but don’t get your hopes up too high as the show still shows it low budget roots.

The first two seasons comprise the majority of episodes featuring Optimus Prime and the brave Autobots on Earth fighting the evil Decepticon led by Megatron up until Transformers: The Movie dispatched of many of the original toy line in 1986.  The remainder of the series gets a bit weirder as the Autobots now led by the somewhat emo Rodimus Prime battle the Decepticons and their new leader Galvatron in the deepest reaches of space.

My biggest complaint about Netflix’s handling of Transformers is that all the commercial bumpers are missing so if that’s important to the experience you’ll have to stick with the DVD sets or watch episodes on The Hub channel.

A strange added bonus is also included, the first ten episodes of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero are also available for streaming.  There is no explanation given on why only ten episodes were made available to stream or any date given for when more episodes would be added.

Any ‘real’ 80′s kid really should consider sitting down on Saturday morning with a big bowl of Lucky Charms (or your kid cereal of choice) and think back to a simplier time when phrases like “more than meets the eye” and “knowing is half the battle” meant great times were just ahead.

Written by

Nicholas Herum