The Expendables 2 Trailer

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The Expendables 2.jpg

Several months ago it was announced The Expendables 2 would not be rated R but would be rated PG-13.  The reason given might surprise you… it supposedly had nothing to do with money consideration but was actually the brain child of the ‘Texas Ranger’ himself Chuck Norris who doesn’t want to offend America’s youth with “naughty” language.  That’s right, the man responsible for wiping out generations of North Vietnamese in the Missing in Action films and kicking ass all over Texas is perfectly fine with glorified violence but not with the “f-word.”  Once it came out that Expendables 2 was turning its back on its core audience by going after the kiddie crowd I swore I would never watch a PG-13 Expendables film.

Recently Dolph Lundgren contradicted that rumor by saying that The Expendables 2 is now back to being R-rated. Now with my interest once again peeked I think I need to share the newest trailer with you and “pronounce you man and knife.”

Written by

Nicholas Herum